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By Savannah Barr
Cougar News Blog

     It’s a good sign that there’s a new sign language club at Cactus Canyon.
     Mrs. Wilson, a seventh-grade math teacher, has opened an after-school club for students who want to learn basic sign language.
     Students that have joined the club are learning how to communicate in a way that will allow them to talk to those that are either deaf or cannot speak verbally. They’re learning parts of the deaf culture, as well.
     “I think that communicating with a deaf person that you’ve always wanted to talk to with these signs would be beneficial,” says seventh grader Madison Miller. “Plus, it’s just a fun way to communicate with others.”
     The club has 14 members so far.
     “All students in the school are welcome in the club, whether they’re in seventh or eighth grade, deaf or hearing, beginner or advanced,” says Mrs. Wilson.
     Currently, these students are just learning the basics. They practice talking to each other and asking/answering questions. They sit in a way that a deaf class would be arranged, in a circle.
     “We talk in a circle, giving out our names. Take turns greeting, and setting out our moods,” Miller says.
     Future plans for the club include attending a deaf event or having a sign-only outing. The club even wants to have a deaf person come and talk to the students using only sign language.
     “In future activities, we’re probably going to go out to eat with the whole class and we have to sign what we want to eat to Mrs. Wilson,” says seventh grader Krysta Espinoza.