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Seth Wright plays the egg game during lunch. The game, along with NJHS coin drive raise money to help CCJH donate turkey dinners and Christmas gifts. (Photo by Hannah Molino)

Seth Wright plays the egg game during lunch. The game, along with NJHS coin drive raise money to help CCJH donate turkey dinners and Christmas gifts. (Photo by Hannah Molino)

By Chloe Mayes
Cougar News Blog

     A lot of students love spending Thanksgiving with their family, or waking up on Christmas Day to go open all their presents. Although this all sounds great, but some people don’t get the privilege of opening presents or getting a nice meal on Thanksgiving. This is why Cactus Canyon had the egg sale and is now having the the coin drive. Tina Jada in charge of the egg sale and National Junior Honors Society is in charge of the coin drive.
     The egg sale, which was from Oct. 17-19, is when students pay 75 cents for a plastic egg, open it, and there is a paper inside saying what the prize is. The donated prizes range anywhere from a yo-yo to a huge Pikachu stuffed animal. All the money the school raises on the egg sale is going toward The Angel Tree.
     “The egg sale raises money and is a fun event for students at CCJH. Since it helps those less fortunate and provides fun, I think it is a worthy cause,” said Jada.
     The Angel Tree is where kids that do not get the privilege of getting gifts for Christmas write down what they want for Christmas on a piece of paper and hangs it on a tree. Then other people pick one of the papers from the tree and buys the gift for the kid. The egg sale started on the seventeenth of October and ended on the nineteenth. The only time students are able to buy eggs is during their lunch.
     During the coin drive, classes compete on who can raise the most money in a certain amount of time. The top three classes get rewarded, and all the money that is raised is going toward buying Thanksgiving dinners for families in the Apache Junction Unified School District.This event is being run by NJHS. They are going to take all the money raised and are going to buy as many meals as they can for the families. The coin drive started on November 1.
     “The coin drive asks all in the CCJH community to provide Thanksgiving for some families,” said Jada. “There will be a pizza party for the winners, one in seventh grade and one in eighth.”
     Although, some students did the egg sale just for the prizes, some were happy that they were helping people. Eighth-grader Elisa Pacheco, feels really great about this event.
     “I feel great,” said Elisa Pacheco. “I’m happy we are helping people out.”


Sigfrido Ibarra
Cougar New Blog

     Programmable Lego robots are trying to make their way into Cactus Canyon’s tech club. Tina Jada, the tech club adviser, is trying to figure out how to use the robotics equipment from when Cactus Canyon had a robotics class.
     Students got to experiment with the equipment during the club’s last meeting, but Mrs. Jada doesn’t know exactly how they will be used.
     “We brought out all of the robotics parts at our last meeting and are trying to figure out how to make them functional,” said Mrs. Jada.
     In addition, tech club members will be making computer games, which seventh grader Marek Lemieux said is his favorite activity, and will be helping raise money for Project Help. If students join they wouldn’t have to worry about get hungry or thirsty because tech club will be serving snacks and drinks during each meeting.
     “Games that you build are accessible by you for life, even after you leave CCJH,” said Mrs. Jada.
     Tech club is always looking for new members and there is no sign-up fee. Meetings start at 3:15 p.m. and lasts until 4. They meet up every Tuesday in room 319 in the 300 building. Students who show up for the meetings get a free tech club shirt.
     “Students are always welcome to join the Tech Club,” said Mrs. Jada. “There is no fee involved and if you attend three or more meetings you qualify for a free T-shirt.”

By Alysa Rippee
Cougar News Blog

CCJH tries to have a little something for everyone by offering unique elective classes, a traveling athletics program, and a variety of clubs and organizations. Two new groups – Tech Club and Science Club – formed at the start of the year and have expanding their activities since then.
Earlier in the year, the Tech Club was working on creating their own video games and trying to make the club into an elective. The club had been hoping to get T-shirts for their club with fundraising money. Now, they have decided on a design and the shirts arrived last week. While video games continue to be the club’s focus, they hope to do more.
“As a new club we are concentrating on the video game application, but we hope to try new projects in the future or hold tournaments with our games,” said club adviser Tina Jada.
As for the Science Club, students have been working on hands-projects and trying to join the Science Olympiad. Now, the club is working on things like non-Newtonian fluids, lab safety, and chemical reactions.
“I know the students will learn how to problem solve and that science is fun,” science club adviser Marie Wilbur-Bowers said.
Both clubs have come far from where they were at the beginning of the year and are hoping to continue to grow. Tech club member Shelby Ruehs explained how she has really enjoyed being a part of the club because everybody has similar interests and has fun getting to know each other better.
“I expect that they’ll learn how to create video games, if they want to go down that path in their career growing up of course,” Ruehs said.
Science and tech club still have openings and welcome new members. Science Club meets every Thursday at 2:20 to 3:15 p.m. in room 201. Tech Club meets every other Tuesday.
“It is never too late to join the club. We meet every other Tuesday. We always have snacks and we do not expect you to come to every meeting,” Jada said.

By Cori Gibson
Cougar News Blog

Math teacher Tina Jada is starting a new technology club where students will be able to create video games and use technology to their own advantage.
Mrs. Jada has added yet another club to the CCJH list. It is for students to come and use technology to create their own electronic adventures or to use on whatever they desire.
“I hope that students will have the opportunity to explore technology and their interests outside of a school setting and connect with other students that have the same interests as them,” Mrs. Jada said.
The club will be using the money left over from the math club to support up to 25 kids. All who participate will be given a video game mechanics account that they will have forever. They will still have the account even when they leave Cactus Canyon. The group will also be having one or two fundraisers this year and they are hoping that it is enough to get them started.
“I hope I will have a lot more experience with video games,” eighth grader Dylan Zimmerman said.
This club is not just for video games, but for letting the kids be creative. They have been coming up with ideas such as Minecraft tournaments and slideshow presentations. Mrs. Jada is more than happy to hear what they have to say and will find a way to support all of their technology needs.
“The students are invited to present any technology ideas that they would like to pursue to me for consideration,” said Jada.
In the future, the club may have the chance to become an elective. Mrs. Jada is also hoping to get T-shirts for all of the club members.