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Preparing to hang up a poster advertising the fall dance, seventh grader Jordan Digos tapes a rip in the paper. (Photo by Kashmir Baillie)

Preparing to hang up a poster advertising the fall dance, seventh grader Jordan Digos tapes a rip in the paper. (Photo by Kashmir Baillie)

By Zachary Grattan
Cougar News Blog

     This year’s November dance has quite a twist. The dance this year will not be the normal Halloween dance that students all know – in fact, it won’t be a Halloween dance at all. It will be a Fall dance with a Charlie Brown theme. This will be taken place in the school’s gym on Nov. 10. It will be from 6:15 to 8 p.m. The ticket will be $5 at the door, but if students wish to get in 15 minutes early then swing on by the Student Council room at lunch.
     This big change from a very well known dance is not just to mix things up. It’s because it was the least attended dance at CCJH, and it been descending each year.
     “The Halloween dance has always been our lowest attended dance of the year, sometimes by over 100 students,” said Student Council adviser Jason Davis. “I don’t know why, but my guess is that people don’t come because they think they are required to wear a costume. So now we need to try something different and hope it works out.”
     Low attendance means that student council can’t make the money to support groups, projects and other things in the school. The student council uses the fundraiser, for academics, extracurricular classes and a little bit of everything.
     This will mean that students are no longer allowed to dress up at all. Mr. Davis said that some students are disappointed about not being able to wear their costume, but StuCo did have to make this change to increase attendance.
     “I hope it benefits us by getting more students in the door. These dances are our major fundraisers for the year,” said Mr. Davis. “We pay for our leadership trips and give money to a lot of groups and projects around campus and we can’t keep doing that if no one comes to our dances.”
     StuCo is offering Krispy kreme donuts, pretzels, and some new games which they hope will get people to buy some tickets.

Eighth grade StuCo representative Ruby Verduzco sells a ticket to the dance. (Photo by Chloe Krueger)

Eighth grade StuCo representative Ruby Verduzco sells a ticket to the dance. (Photo by Chloe Krueger)

By Mya Palomino and Anyssa Pena
Cougar News Blog

     Student Council mustache you a question. Have you ever been to a school dance that is not only an hour later than usual, but also has a food truck? Cactus Canyon Student Council will be hosting a welcome back dance that features both of those changes.
     The dance is ‘50s theme and there will be plenty of neat decorations. The food truck will be selling mustache-shaped pretzels and a variety of drinks along with your choices of dip. It will be held in the gym at 6:15 to 8:00 on Thursday September 1, 2016.
     “We did not have to pay for the food truck. The folks from Mustache Pretzels were very kind to not charge us a booking fee,” said Jason Davis, the Student Council adviser. “They will keep all the money from their sales, but we hope extra ticket sales make up for any revenue we might lose from concession sales.”
     The time was changed to be one hour later, giving students a more flexible schedule, especially for the parents. Last year’s dances were 5:15-7 p.m. In consideration of the time extension, the council hopes there will be more students involved in the dance.
     “The time change gives us more time to hangout and dance with our friends,” said eighth grader Jesse Redondo. “This also allows new and old students to interact with each other.”
     The welcome back dance might be hardest dance to put together because there are only 14 StuCo members to make all the decorations and preparations. Seventh graders join the group when the second quarter begins in October.
     “It’s really hard to cram everything into three weeks, because if you have extra school work to do and sports activities after school, plus your Stuco responsibilities it’s really difficult to manage your time wisely,” said representative Oceana Faulkner.

Eighth grade StuCo representative Jessica Grabowski make an Elvis Presley decoration for the Welcome Back dance Aug. 27.

Eighth grade StuCo representative Jessica Grabowski make an Elvis Presley decoration for the Welcome Back dance Aug. 27.

By Skylar Sosa
Cougar News Blog

     Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Well, not quite. However, Student Council members are doing their very best to make Cactus Canyon’s Welcome Back dance look exactly like it with this year’s theme.
     Cactus Cactus is kicking off the start of a new school year with a great DJ and MC that help get everyone involved and decorations that feature landmarks from one of America’s most famous cities. While StuCo members hope everyone has a great time, many students don’t realize how much the Cactus Canyon dances build school community.
     “I think it is really important for kids to have positive experiences at school because it helps build school spirit and pride and reminds people that Cactus Canyon is a great place to go to school,” says StuCo adviser Jason Davis. “Things like dances and sporting events give everyone a chance to interact differently than they do during a normal school day.”
     Whether the student is a seventh grader who’s never been to a dance, or an eighth grader and that’s done it all before, StuCo members are working their hardest to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time dancing and having fun with their friends.
     Even with the dance being a just a few days away, council members are feeling confident that they will have everything looking flawless for the attendees of the dance.
     “I don’t think that the pressure is bad at all,” said eighth-grade representative Jessica Grabowski. “Student Council has done such a great job that there’s nothing to be worried about because of how far we have gotten.”
     The Las Vegas dance will definitely be be different from past dances, because of the four-day school week. Since the dance is on a Thursday, there will be no school the next day, which means no late night studying or homework.
     I like going to the dance and want to go to it because it’s so fun to hangout with friends, listen to music, dance, and get to meet new people,” said eighth grader, Haile Miller.
     With all the games, decorations, and junk food, people often forget about what they are really there for: to dance. This year’s dance theme is perfect for this, and everyone will be having a great time just having a fantastic time with their friends.
     Mariana Rios said, “The dance seems really exciting and the theme is not like other dances and I think that adds more anticipation.”
     The Welcome Back Dance will be 5:15 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 27. Tickets are available during lunch at the Student Services desk.

By Pauline Harner
Cougar News Blog

     Eighth-graders at Cactus Canyon will be having a promotional dance on Friday, May 15. It will be from 7-9 p.m. at the Multi-Generational Center. The purpose of this dance is to show recognition to students for their achievement.
     The PTO believes in all of the eighth-graders, and all of their successes. They also believe that all of their hard work should be rewarded.
     “I hope that students will therefore bring this concept into the future with them,” said PTO president, Dena Kimble. “Working hard pays off and does not go unnoticed.”
     This is a “formal” dance, meaning girls should wear a dress and boys should wear slacks and a nice shirt. It’s prom. No ripped jeans or jean shorts, but girls can wear dressy shorts.
     “I think that it’s more formal than the other usual dances the school has had,” said eighth-grader Stephany Gomez.
     PTO has been planning this celebration for a couple of months. There will be food, drinks, cupcakes, a DJ, and decorations. Tickets will be available the night of the dance as well as up in the office with Ms. Jodi for $10.
     PTO hopes students will purchase tickets by Wednesday because it would really help have a head count for food purchase.
     “I expect to see people having a good time and dancing,” said eighth-grader Ravyn Fairchild. “I don’t think there will be anything different about the dance.”
     This event is not a fundraiser and should be cost-neutral, meaning the PTO won’t be making any money nor losing any money.

StuCo Vice President Angel Meeks paints Mario and Peach to decorate the Loving Legends Valentine's dance on Feb. 12.

StuCo Vice President Angel Meeks paints Mario and Peach to decorate the Loving Legends Valentine’s dance on Feb. 12.

By Rose H.
Cougar News Blog

     Love is in the air at Cactus Canyon and with the annual Valentines Day dance approaching, it’s not surprising to see why.
     This year’s Valentines Day dance has a unique theme, “Loving Legends.” The dance will be showcasing this theme through artwork of famous couples throughout history, created by Student Council. Examples of these couples are Romeo and Juliet, Jack Skellington and Sally, Elvis Presley and Priscilla, and so forth.
      “I want everyone to see what my class and I created to make everybody’s night legendary,” said Matt Martinez, Student Council representative.
     Students will be able to expect the usual DJ and MC from previous dances, as well as the same enjoyment and fun atmosphere.
     “We’ll have the same DJ and MC combo that we’ve had at other dances, which everyone seems to really enjoy,” said Jason Davis, Student Council adviser. A new aspect that this dance will be featuring is an optional dress code, which is “Dressy Casual.” This has been highly requested by students for a few years. Students are encouraged to wear nicer clothing, although it is not required and not formal or semi-formal clothing.
      “Students can show up in shorts, flip-flops, and an old Spider-Man tee shirt if they want,” said Mr. Davis. “But, many people choose to dress up for the Valentine’s dance, so this is a good guideline.”
     The dance will be held Thursday, Feb. 12, in the gym and cafeteria. It will be from 5:15 7p.m., however students are urged to purchase tickets before hand to be able to attend 15 minutes early. These will be sold during lunch. Students who are going must also have been in attendance earlier in the day.
     Student Council is very excited for attendees to join them and hope everyone has a grand time.
     “When it comes down to it, what makes a good dance is a cool atmosphere, good music, and a lot of junk food to eat,” said Mr. Davis. “The people that like those things can expect to have a good time.”

By Harrison T.
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High teacher Jason Davis and his Student Council team are planning CCJH’s next big event. The winter social is going to be held on Dec. 17.from 5 p.m to 7 p.m in the gym and cafeteria.This social is for seventh and eighth grade students to get together and enjoy themselves with activities such as gingerbread house making, ugly sweater contests, peppermint craft making, a movie, and several other joyful activities.
     “As with any event we want students to have a positive experience at school,” said Mr. Davis.
     The winter social is a free event for students that are present the day of the event and and are referral free for the week prior. Mr. Davis and the StuCo team have been planning the winter social since the end of 2013. The theme, which was chosen by StuCo, is Candyland. “This experience will be very fun to come to and students will get the chance to have memories with friends or partners to watch a Christmas movie of which will be picked for the event,” said StuCo member Marissa Gregory.
     The StuCo team of 2013-14 has not yet experienced the making of a winter social. The most recent winter social at CCJH was in 2012.
      “We had one two years ago, but weren’t able to do it last year because schedules were too busy,” said Mr. Davis.
      Mr. Davis said he hopes there will be more winter socials in the years to come. Time will most likely be set aside for the socials of the coming years because StuCo thinks that the socials and dances are good for the morale of students.
      “School events are safe, supervised events that help build school pride and spirit,” said Mr. Davis.

Student Council is selling tickets to the Halloween dance during lunch.

Student Council is selling tickets to the Halloween dance during lunch.

By Michele D.
Cougar News Blog

     The Zombie Prom or Prombies dance is coming up on Thursday, Oct. 30, and some things have changed. There are higher price and different ways of getting in.
     The price for entering the dance has been raised from $5 to $6.50 due to the higher prices of the MC and the DJ.
     “Our dances have been $5 for almost five years and, due to rising costs, we are no longer able to raise the fund we used to,” said Student Council adviser Jason Davis. “We had a different DJ at the first dance than we’ve had before and our package includes an MC, who stays on the floor and encourages participation among the students. We got a lot of positive feedback about that, but it does cost us more money.”
     Student Council is also doing something different by selling tickets instead of paying at the door for admission. The tickets will be sold outside of the cafeteria every day until the dance and when students buy the ticket they will their name and ticket number recorded so it can be check at the door on the day of the dance.
     While costumes – especially zombies – are encouraged, there are some rules. There are no masks or weapons allowed to be included in the costume.
     Student Council members hope the people understand the price increase.
     “I think that the raising of the price was a good idea because we are spending a little bit more for the MC and DJ,” said eighth grade representative Mystique Frierson. “I think the selling of tickets will help, since its something that we don’t normally do.”
     The dance will be from 5:15 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 30 in the CCJH gym and cafeteria.

Eighth grade senator Erik Lundquest makes a surfboard decoration to prepare for Student Council's Hawaiian dance on Aug. 28. (Photo by Amber Reidy)

Eighth grade senator Erik Lundquest makes a surfboard decoration to prepare for Student Council’s Hawaiian dance on Aug. 28. (Photo by Amber Reidy)

By Jessica Conrad
Cougar News Blog

The best way to end your summer is to hang out at the beach, it’s also the best way to kick off the school year. This year’s theme for the welcome back dance is a Hawaiian luau.
This year’s first dance will be hosted by Student Council on Aug. 28, from 5:15-7 p.m. It’s one of the many changes happening in this dance.
Last year, all of the dances started at 6:15 p.m. and ended at 8 p.m. Administration decided to start it an hour earlier because of how a lot of students and staff didn’t leave until 9. It will also help students be more rested on Friday.
“We decided to have dances earlier so it is easier for students and staff,” said assistant principal, Joyce Gingrich. “We noticed an increased number of absences on the day after dances.”
In addition to having the times changed, StuCo adviser Jason Davis booked a new DJ and and MC. The master of ceremonies will lead the dances and games throughout the whole dance.
“It’s a little bit of an experiment for us and we hope the MC will help get and keep people involved and have a great time,” said Davis. “If it works out, we’ll continue it for other dances.”
StuCo has also been working very hard preparing for the dance. It’s been a little challenging for them since there is only 10 students.
“The students have been making as many of the decorations as they can, from fish and turtles for an ocean scene to surfboards and postcards for other areas,” said Davis.
At the dance, StuCo will be selling ”island pudding cups” and soda bottles with hula skirts on them. They will also be selling leis and other concessions.
Many seventh graders are excited since it is their first dance. Most elementary schools don’t have school dances.
“This is my first dance,” said seventh grader Olivia Baxter. “I’m really excited to go and meet new people.”
StuCo representative Diana Elliott poses with a Statue of Liberty that will be used as decoration for this year's welcome back dance.

StuCo representative Diana Elliott poses with a Statue of Liberty that will be used as decoration for this year’s welcome back dance.

By Kayla Mix
Cougar News Blog

The CCJH Student Council is hosting the year’s first dance on Aug. 29. They are working every seventh hour and at home to finish in. The dance will be from 6:15-8:00 p.m. The theme is “A Night in New York” and, there will be some of New York’s most famous landmarks.
Since the dance is today, the Student Council is working very hard to get things done.
The cafeteria and gym are meant to look like students are walking down a street in New York City. Everything is supposed to be as realistic as possible. There with be a photo area with a backdrop of tall skyscrapers and a taxi cab to pose with.
“We are making the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, lots of stop signs, (and) a subway station,” said Digos.
All of the famous landmarks will be made by hand using paper, cardboard, and lots of paint. Some may wonder why the Student Council doesn’t just buy all of the landmarks. The school dances are the major fundraisers of Cactus Canyon and less money that is spent on decorations means more money to help the school.
Plus, making the decorations let the students show off their talents and will make this dance unique.
Student Council Adviser Jason Davis said dances help the students have fun in the same place that they learn every day.
“Kids get to cut loose a little bit but still be in a familiar, safe environment,” said Davis.
Student Council President Janelle Digos said the council is really proud of how everything turned out and thinks students will enjoy the dance.
“This dance is going to be amazing,” said Digos.
Student Council members work on a large masquerade mask that will serve as the photo booth backdrop at Thursday's dance.

Student Council members work on a large masquerade mask that will serve as the photo booth backdrop at Thursday’s dance.

By Bobby Bauders and McKenna Nimtz
Cougar News Blog

That time of the year has rolled around again. It’s almost time for the Valentine’s Day Dance. The theme this year: Masquerade Ball.
All profits from the dance will go to a special project to enhance the beauty of the campus.
The dance will be 6:15-8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7. Cost is $5 per person. As part of the theme, Student Council is encouraging people to wear their favorite mask to the dance and dress in semi-formal attire.
“I hope that when the dance comes it is a great success and everybody loves it,” said eighth-grade StuCo representative Haylee Eckhardt said.
The dances are the council’s major fundraisers and StuCo will be using the money earned from admission, concessions, and mask sales to pay for a special campus project to be completed after spring break.
“We are keeping it a secret for now” said StuCo adviser Jason Davis. “But it’s going to be a really neat centerpiece of our campus for years to come.”
StuCo decided on the masquerade theme early this year.
“This was something we have talked about since the beginning of the year, and nothing really changed,” Davis said. “We just wanted it to be more than a Valentine’s theme.”