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Natalie Delintt
Cougar News Blog

     Students at Cactus Canyon Junior High can finally put their pencils down after all their hard work and look forward to an incentive party.
     Students who showed growth on Benchmark tests throughout the year, are passing all their classes, and have good behavior and attendance are able to go to the incentive party on May 19. There is a small catch, though, students had to show an improvement that was greater than their original score. So, if a student got 50 percent on the first test, he or she would have to show growth of 50 percent or more. Since every student is different, the amount of growth each had to show differed.
     Most students showed a lot of growth on most, if not on all of their standardized tests.
     “Almost all students have shown growth. We look at what the ‘expected growth’ is and then compare it to how we did,” said Mrs. Davis, the dean of students. “For example, if the average growth from the pre- to post-test is 40, we look to see if we got, on average, 40 or more. In almost every area, our students exceeded expectations because we are awesome.”
     Teachers use previous test scores and student opinion to know what they need to spend extra time on so students don’t have a hard time on tests. Reteach classes during fifth hour also help students master objectives, since they get extra help on subjects that they did not understand. Students did much better this school year on Benchmarks than last year, something that makes Davis proud.
     “I know I showed growth because I knew more of what we were being tested on,” said eighth grader Haile Miller. “Our teachers did an amazing job of teaching us and doing the Benchmarks was actually relaxing and more fun than the regular schedule.”
     “Our students have done much better on this year’s end of the year benchmarks than they did last year,” said Davis. “All of their hard work in classes and reteach are paying off. We are so proud of everyone.”