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Looking at a pillow made of plastic bags, eighth graders Melanie Vannoy and Natasia Coyle learn how to make them at an NJHS meeting.

By Andrea Darnell
Cougar News Blog

      NJHS members are making mats and pillows for the homeless. The group is gathering plastic bags and getting donations from other students and staff.
      The members are crocheting strips of plastic bag together to make the mats. They take the bags and cut them into loops to get them ready to be crocheted. The mats are passed out in the Phoenix/Metro area by ministers at Savior Lutheran Church and New Season Christian Fellowship Church.
      Making the mats will give NJHS members a chance to exercise their leadership skills. It will also give them a chance to demonstrate empathy. Making the mats will help members give back to the community while at the same time work together as a team.
      “I believe that the mats will help people regain a sense of dignity as well as gain a sense of self satisfaction,” adviser Lisa Schroeder said. “(Students can take) pride in knowing that their contributions are providing people with some comforts that are much needed in difficult living and alternative living situations.”
      Mrs. Schroeder said that she got the idea from “sure luck.” While making a trip to the office, Mrs. Schroeder ran into student services receptionist Jodi Rodgers and Mary Schroeder from Savior Lutheran Church.
      “I thought it was a cool idea and a great way for the NJHS students to help the community as well as participate in helping the environment,” Schroeder said.
      Many student are working on making the mats. It takes hundreds of bags to make one mat, but in the end they feel it’s worth it.
      “I do believe that making the mats will help many in need,” Angelica Lopez said. “It will give homeless people a mat and pillow to sleep on during the night.”


By Chloe Mayes
Cougar News Blog

     There has been a murder at Rundown Abbey. Follow along with the characters to find out who the killer is at the Cactus Canyon drama production.
     Students can come see Murder at Rundown Abbey at 7 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 8, Apache Junction High School Performing Arts Center. Tickets are only $1 and will be available at the door.
     The play, set in the 1920s, follow detective Sam Splayed as he goes undercover as a butler to solve a murder at the English estate owned by the Crumbledowns.
     Adviser Lisa Schroeder wants her student to enjoy the experience and develop a love for drama.
     “I want them to enjoy this process and it is my hope that they truly fall in love with the theater and want to explore more or similar opportunities in the future,” said Schroeder.
     The drama students have been working for about two and a half months to prepare.The student have many techniques that they use to practice. Some students like when they can practice with their fellow peers that are also in the play.
     “When I practice, I find I improve when I talk to someone with my lines,” said seventh grader Nevaeh Erlandson.
     Since CCJH has not had a play in about five years, the class had to come up with all the costumes and props. Although, thanks to some generous people, they were able to get donations for most of the things they needed. All the money that the play raises is going toward their next play that will be in the spring.
      “We had to obtain all aspects, such as costumes, props, set pieces, etc.,” said Schroeder. “We obtained these items from various resources such as teacher, parent, and community donations. We made many of our items from recycled materials such as old boxes, and fabrics.”
     Drama students said they are really grateful to get the opportunity to put on the show and said the experience has made the group like a family.
     “Drama has taught me that no matter who I am I can always act and be myself because family isn’t always blood,” said eighth grader Kaitlin Greathouse. “It’s the people in life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.”

Jaden Unise, 8, serves up a cup during the NJHS chili cook-off on Oct. 26.

Jaden Unise, 8, serves up a cup during the NJHS chili cook-off on Oct. 26.

By Anyssa Pena
Cougar News Blog

      Members of the NJHS raised over $300 for Project Help on Oct. 26 with its third annual chili cook-off.
      The money raised from this event will go towards purchasing turkey dinners for families in need this holiday season as well as assist in purchasing holiday gifts for children through the Angel Tree project.
      The event included many different chilis entered in by the contestants. Students and parents could enter a chilli dish or come out to try the chilli and vote.
      Mrs. Schroeder was happy with the the turnout and the amount of money raised.
      “I believe that this year was a successful fundraiser as we had a nice turnout of over 15 chili entries,” she said. “In addition, we raised more funds with this event this year than in years prior.
      The chili cook-off is a fundraiser for NJHS students to learn leadership skills like accountability, teamwork, and time management. Mrs. Schroeder is in charge of organizing it so she does have some expectations from the student to show that they are responsible enough to have another fundraiser.
      “My expectations of my NJHS students in hosting organized community events, is to learn communication, dependability, and a sense of responsibility and citizenship within their community,” said Schroeder.
      Even with the success of the event, the group is already thinking about next year’s cook-off.
      “I am always looking for new ideas and ways to improve events,” said Schroeder.